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We did not expect it, but when it struck us the sanitary crisis left its mark. physically for the less fortunate and morally for others. We have lived through weeks of doubt of fear and anguish. This pushed us to refocus on ourselves, to find loved ones from a distance, to appreciate a certain forgotten way of life and to finally open our eyes to what really matters. But did we really use this time to keep moving forward?


In January 2021, we will celebrate the ten years mark of the association. Since our hazardous beginning to today and all our ongoing projects, we had to overcome several obstacles. We had our doubts: among others, failed partnerships, limited funds, personal constraints, and all this combined with our inexperience has often made us doubt. Even then, our will to act was intact, and putting our heart into it made perfect sense. During these years, all the volunteers have helped to grow the association. Years after years, we have matured, we have improved our management, optimized our finances, and worked consistently to be more efficient to finally realize our objectives. Today, we are extremely proud to manage our center for orphans and poor children.


The children who live there are not that different from elsewhere. They dream of the same things: of growing up, of exploring and marveling at what is left of the world. Life at our center is simple. We support these kids, helping them to grow, to study, to adopt good habits and to think of others. We hope this environment at the center will help them to achieve their dreams and goals. Obtaining their university diploma is a first necessary milestone to this.


We have always believed that this diploma is a prerequisite for a peaceful start to their life project. The public exams in Vietnam are demanding, and the diploma is a good start for their project. In Vietnam, too many kids and children have to give up and cannot pursue higher education.They lack of time to study, lack money or funding or simply are caught by the poor life in the countryside of Vietnam, where education is a luxury most cannot afford. Unfortunately, being smart and hard working is not enough for these children. At the association, we are committed to funding all costs and tuition fees until these kids graduate. In return, they have themselves all committed to take responsibility and upon graduation, they will become also sponsors and help finance other poor children. Courage and generosity, here are the essential qualities of a warrior of the heart.


Courage and generosity have been the core values of our association. Time will tell if our decisions have paid off. Let's stop thinking at our past failures, live our present mindfully, continue to try and be brave to follow our heart.

Let's stay safe in this troubled time and continue to turn our dreams into reality.

DucSonChild L'Edition 0720


January 2011

Association law 1901 was born



in Hué, center of Vietnam



in all center



with our project


September 2013

First sponsor and First scolarship grand



On field in summer



Participants dans la vie de l'association



L'équipe France

L'équipe Vietnam


August 2017

Projet Agro-Alimentaire


En devenant un nouveau membre de DUCSONCHILD, vous serez au cœur de nos projets et des coulisses. Chaque mois une newsletter officielle sera publiée incluant les informations terrains, budget et projet.  Au delà de cette transparence, vous aurez surtout l’occasion d’être un réel acteur et sur les projets présent et futur. 


En quelques lignes 

  • Être un conseiller sur les projets pour prendre ensemble la bonne décision.

  • Être un créateur de projet innovant en France et/ou au Vietnam.

  • Être un analyste de premier rang pour optimiser nos budgets. 

  • Être ambassadeur lors des événements caritatifs pour donner votre plus beau sourire.

  • Être tout simplement généreux dans le temps que vous souhaitez consacrer pour aider ces enfants. 

Dans tout les cas, du fond du cœur, merci et prenez soin de vous.

Très humainement.

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