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We believe that education and schooling are the best ways to help the deprived children in Vietnam. In poor areas of the country (like the city of Huê), access to university and higher education remains a difficult stage. The cost of schooling remains a barrier for the poorest children, who often stop school after high school.

For all these reasons, we have targeted access to university as a priority of our association. Our scholarships allow high school students to continue their studies; we believe that with a university degree, these young people will be able to free themselves from their social condition. We are therefore committed to financially support all our scholarship grantees until they graduate.


Our project includes the realization of concrete action on site. Each year, we organize humanitarian missions with partner associations, volunteers or tourists wishing to make a trip to our centers to meet the children. Our goal is to bring diversity, curiosity to children and above all to instil the desire to continually learn and discover the world. We have four favorite themes.

Medical : we support the intervention of doctors (dentist, dermatologist) for health checks, we bring pharmaceutical products, we do medical prevention and childcare actions. This is by far the most sensitive issue given the growing number of infants in these children homes.

Sport : we organize healthy themed competitions, team games or awakening programs

Communication : we teach English and French classes with in a playful way, using children games. This is certainly the most popular activity for children.

Finally, in our programs, we follow-up our children centers (needs, number of children, school report), we monitor construction projects and we search for new children centers in the region.

We thank all our partner associations for their trust – which led them in doing a trip to Vietnam to visit our chidren homes (The Pharmacists of PhaSol, The Scouts of the Companions of Meudon and The Wise Women of the University of Meudon) and for their faithful support to our association.




With the aim of creating a Solidarity project, François-Xavier (left), Jahmyn (center) and myself Joseph (right) through the scout and guide movement in France, wanted to turn to the DucSonChild association .

In order to carry out our project, we were able to participate before our trip to a dinner prepared by the association in order to get to know each other and thus establish a relationship of trust. So we started to prepare this project of 1 month and a half on the basis of a partnership agreement where all parties would agree on what we planned to put in place on the ground for young people.

We thought at first that our action would mainly revolve around the animation and that by the consecutive visit of the 3 centers, we could realize the same activities. We then made the preparations in the organization of the activities, the budget for the realization of our activities and our program on the spot. If we were able to prepare the logistics of our project, we were also able to apprehend during the preparation, a multicultural and human approach which is today necessary in the local development aid. While we thought we had "everything calculated" for the conduct of the stay, there are things, factors that may have come into play and added value to our solidarity project.

The main factor is the human, in its cultural diversity. Through this human factor, we were able to meet people who made us adapt to the environment and thus modify our initial action. While we prepared our activities in advance as well as the schedules, we adapted to the different rhythms of life of each center but also according to the profile of the young people.


By accepting and understanding these different profiles and different ages, we have been able to adapt our activities. For the first center we visited (Duc Son) we turned to the animation of 8-10 years by different workshops, such as Origami, coloring, musical choreography, etc.

For the visit of the second center (Uu Dam), the living environment was calmer since there were fewer young people, the average age increased slightly and this allowed us to adapt again. In this center also we adapted to the life of the center, punctuated by classes until around 17h, where we were able to follow the young people during their study hours and to accompany them, so that at the end of the day we can have fun together. Away from downtown Hue access is more complex for people who do not know the area. As a result of their retreat, certain gaps and needs that could be identified and reported to the association, such as access to drinking water, washroom hygiene, and distribution of water were identified. rooms between storage, dining room, and dormitories.


Finally the last one Phu Thuong center, we focused more on education, lessons of French and English. What we have particularly noticed is the assiduity of the young people at the center and their desire to study.

These 3 places allowed us to discover very different environments of life according to the centers of reception but also unique young people who enriched us personally and with whom they could live a real human experience.
I think that the partnership that we have been able to make with this association has really enriched us humanly by the people we met within or through it. In addition, knowing that the structure has reliable contacts in Vietnam is even more reassuring, especially for us who have done our longest experience abroad outside our comfort zone.


Joseph Ha Thien Tru


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