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We work today with three children centers. They welcome orphans and very poor children, from the youngest age to the university.

Duc Son Pagoda is the largest and oldest children home in the city. Located in the countryside of Huê area, it is exclusively managed by nuns. There are all age categories: from a few months old to adult students. It is the largest children home of the region with more than 170 children in 2017.

The children home of Uu Dam is about ten kilometers from downtown Hue. It is run by a former orphan of the Duc Son pagoda. Having become a nun, she decided to settle in this area and help one of the poorest areas of the province. About forty children and teenagers live in this center.

Our third home, Phu Thuong, was founded by a female doctor, who created this residential school to take under her wing the poor she considered the most deserving of the region. She hosts, from Junior high school classes, poor children or orphans, which have the capabilities to pass the entrance exams to university. She offers permanent school supervision to support the children's studies. They have for several years, the best exam results of the Hue region. In 2017, we took over the governance of this home and therefore participate actively in the development and management of Phu Thuong.


We would like our scholarship system to become permanent. Also, each student we sponsor commit, once graduated, to sponsor in turn an orphaned or destitute student from one of our centers. As a result, students will become mentors once their studies have been completed and help sustain the scholarship system.

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